So here we go…are you ready?

Well after many attempts and failure journal or blog I have finally decided this is what I want to do right now.  Will anyone follow me or care what I have to say?  I doubt it.  I’m nobody special.  I am still gonna come here to my place of sanity to vent my frustrations, love, and sadness of motherhood.  Will you laugh?  I hope so.  Will you cry?  Maybe.  Will this change your life?  Ummmm doubt it.  Just hoping to make a few good friends along my road of insanity.  So sit back and grab ya a beer cause once you take a peek at my life….you will so need it.

yes...excuse the mess my hooligans have made

4 thoughts on “So here we go…are you ready?

  1. Honey, having been introduced to your ‘tribe’ in the later post, I’m utterly amazed that you have the energy or TIME to blog at all!!

    I am in awe of the job you’re doing, and so looking forward to watching it unfold.

    Oodles of blogging bliss-ings,
    the goddess known as Jacqui

    • Girl you are spot on with that statement!! I honestly don’t have the time but that is the thing….I have decided that this is MY year to shine. I am making time for me which is something that I have NEVER done. I’m not gonna promise this blog will always bring laughter but I hope you sign on for the ride and follow me. I love new friends and I hope by doing this I will meet so many new beautiful faces. Thank you for reading so far!!

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