So, who are these kids?

Well, let me get started by introducing the Bryant Bunch.  First there is my dear hubby and soulmate (yea, I’m a bit mushy) Kyle.  He is much younger than myself which keeps me young.  He is a tattooed, crazy, selfless welder.  The hooligans are as follows: 

  Sarah Beth or shall we call her moody.  She is our 20 year old…yes the oldest.  She  was diagnosed at age four with ADHD, ODD, and mild mental retardation.  At age 14 she was then given the diagnosis of being bi-polar.  If you have never been around a person with a mental illness let me tell you it is like being trapped in 50 different emotions all at one time.  You will get to know her very well here!

  Christopher or lets call him caveman.  He is 18 and a senior in high school this year.  Why caveman?  Well he retreats to his room, or as I call it..the cave, and we don’t see him unless he has to pee or eat. He doesn’t like the chaos that is his sisters.

  Jaylee or here she shall be known as drama queen.  She is 10 going on 20.  Everything is a complete train wreck to her.  However she is a true artist and I can’t wait to see how far she goes with it.

  Kenna or little miss priss who is 5 and addicted to make up.  She loves to wear it just like Mimi (remember the Drew Carey Show??).  She also loves to throw her siblings under the bus whenever they do something she doesn’t like.

  Conor or the missing link whom we do not see because his mother is a complete psychotic freak of nature.  Hopefully one day soon she will fall off of the face of the earth and there shall be peace.

  Hallie or as we call her mittens.  She is the baby or as Kyle calls her the grand finale (she is the last one).  I have to say as insane as having a baby can make you I am savoring every single moment with her. 

Yep, this is a large, crazy, sometimes dysfunctional bunch of yahoos. We fight everyday at some point over something (usually something really insignificant….like who gets to hold the cat or who has to take their bath first).  Now that you know the cast of this here story I can’t wait to start sharing the daily dose of joy and insanity that they bring me.

Oh, I forgot to mention Daisy (our English Staffordshire Bull Terrier) who hates our two cats Smores and Country who in turn hates our bunny rabbit Peanut Butter…….shew!Image

Yes, this is me by the end of the day!

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