Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life!


So, I woke up this morning to a radiant beam of gorgeous sunshine on my face.  It was amazing the warmth it bestowed upon me.  I also woke up to a bottle of milk across my forehead and the sweetest little smiling face lying next to me.  Yes, I co-sleep.  I am not the perfect mom…I don’t do cloth diapers.  Yep, I’m lazy when it comes to all that.  Anyway, I thought about this here blog all night long.  I couldn’t sleep for thinking about things I want to tell you all.  I have kept feelings tucked deep away inside my soul for so long.  I haven’t been the radiant and vibrant Goddess I know I can be.  I lost her when I was 15 after losing my brother to a fight with leukemia (which soon I will tell you the story of).  Along the journey I have lost little pieces of myself, sat in a muck of misery, felt sorry for myself, and a few times really considered tossing in the towel.  For some reason though this year I came across a site known as the Goddess Circle and a beautiful soul named Leonie.  I must say my angels must have gotten tired of picking me up and realized they needed some help.  After signing on and joining this wonderful tribe of gorgeous women I began to open up to feelings in my soul that I have NEVER had before.  I began to question ideas I had let burrow in my brain.  I finally had an epiphany about life.  I realized I was alive but not living.  I was letting very precious minutes slip away from me.  I realized how very short our time here on earth is and that I will from this day forward live it as it is my last.  I am worth it…I am a beautiful soul….I deserve it!!!  So, as the sun blessed me with it’s warmth and love this morning I in return sent up a promise to get up, get going, and enjoy every minute of this day.  I am sending out big hugs and happy thoughts to each of my friends out there.  I hope you have a fun filled gorgeous day ahead of you because YOU deserve it.  Until tonight….I am out of here!!

2 thoughts on “Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life!

  1. Hello Goddess Sister! I love your beautiful blog and am looking forward to reading the tales of your life and family. This post is so lovely and honest and well-stated. I too am so grateful for the Goddess Circle and the beautiful women who choose to share their souls 🙂

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