Its Hump Day


Yes my friends it is the ever welcoming hump day.  The day of the week that puts you over the hump and in a mad dash to the weekend.  It’s so funny how here in the beloved United States everything starts out one thing and ends up another….which usually involves sex, drugs, or large amounts of food.


I’m not complaining really because to be quite honest who doesn’t love the feeling that all three give you?  Don’t take that and run because I don’t do drugs….however I do love a glass of wine every night before I go to bed. Isn’t it ironic how the three kinda go together?  Let me see you go out on a date and eat a shit load of food, then you decide to get a drink (alcohol is a drug…remember) afterwards…which turns into two, three, ten, and then you go home drunk off your ass and decide to have unprotected, pull your hair, spank your ass wild sex!!  No, I have not done this ever!

Shew, then you end up pregnant which makes you eat non-stop!  The hormones from the pregnancy drive you completely wild in your second trimester and all you wanna do is have hot throw down sex.  Then you have the sweet bundle of joy and down the road you end up on nerve pills (yes drugs…legal) because here said bundle of joy is driving you bonkers eating you out of house and home, doing a little recreational drugs with the buddies, and then having sex in the backseat of your car. 

See my point it just kinda all runs together.  I have no idea what got me off on all of this today but I feel much better now that I have talked it out!  Anyway, yes my friend, it is hump day!  So, make sure you eat a big meal this evening, drink a few beers after, and then have some wild kinky sex to end the night!

After all it is the American way!!

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