A Genius Idea

I have been really working my brain over the past few weeks trying to figure out just how I can become an instant millionaire.  Yes, it can be done and it really doesn’t take a whole heck of a lot of ingenuity to do it….well at least it didn’t for these guys.  I have compiled a list of some pretty stupid ideas that earned their inventors millions of dollars due to the fact that humans just cannot resist trying something just because everyone else is.  Okay so here we go…have your pen and paper ready to take notes cause I am gonna point you in the direction to become the next name on the list of inventors who created stupid things and still became millionaires!

1. Pet Rocks~ haha….yes my friend a pet that you could pick up out of your own backyard for free but instead cost the unknowing victim a whopping $4 per rock ( hey it came with a training manual…so don’t hate!)  Gary Dahl is a self made millionaire thanks to his ingenious creativity.  This man sold over 1.5million rocks and was rich within a month.  I just don’t get it!


2. iFArt App~~Yes, you heard me right.  I said iFArt App.  Joel Comm earned nearly $400K on this ignorant sound maker for your beloved Iphone.  Come on now….who buys this shit..no pun intended! This ignorant app carries over 26 different flatulent noises…really?  I’m appalled!


3. Big Mouth Billy Bass~~ A stupid annoying singing fish.  This grand invention came from the mind of Billy Gemmy.  This fish became so popular that it made appearances in McDonald’s ads, Verizon ads, the hit show “The Office”, and even CSI.  Okay….seriously?  A stupid fish that sings.


4. The Antenna Ball~~ Did someone get a piece of litter stuck on their antenna while driving down the road and have a light bulb idea all of a sudden?  Jack in the Box used the idea to sell these ignorant balls to promote the restaurant chain.  A man named Jason Wall decided to cash in on the idea.  He created these balls with his own designs and sold over 4 million at gas stations. You still see these balls on cars everywhere….Leave it to a man to create happy balls that make money.  I mean men do think with their genitalia…right??


5. The flobee~~last on my list today but certainly not least!  I can remember when this freak of nature (man) came out.  I laughed then and I still do…although I shouldn’t because the inventor Rick Hunt is still making money off of this little sucker…haha no pun intended.  Okay, so how did Rick figure this one out?  What exactly was he doing with the vacuum cleaner on the day of his epiphany?  Wouldn’t we all like to know. 


So there you have it…my list of five.  There are so many more….tons.  I am telling you I will figure it out.  If they can do it so can I. 


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