Toddlers, Tiaras, and a whole lotta Tantrums


Yes, I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this issue and honestly I don’t really give a rat’s little a$$. I have watched this show a few times because it is kind of like a car accident you pass on the highway. No matter how terrible it is you just can’t look away. I am a mommy and no I am no where near perfect. I make mistakes…a effin load full of them! All this aside I was a young girl once and I know how important it was to “fit in” or be popular. I also know that the way we act, dress, and talk does leave an impression on those we meet…especially sex predators. Oh yes I did go there. I have no idea what is going through the mind’s of these mothers or if they even have a mind at all. I firmly believe in good competition, teaching our children to become strong people, and encouraging them to do the best they can because honestly the world is tough and not everyone can be a winner or be the best in everything. I also believe there is a way to do this without raising a child that is going to grow up thinking her looks is gonna take her where ever she wants to go or that by being a bitch you always get what you want. I think beauty pageants are great! The ones I remember when I was younger that taught you to take pride in who you were and to shine through your strong points not by how much makeup you can cake onto your face, how high you can tease your wig, or how little clothing you can manage to not wear. These are children not adults. For God’s sake let them be kids. Don’t prostitute them out just to win a little tiara. You are creating monsters…honestly. Does anyone remember Jonbenet Ramsey? Do I need to remind you of what happened to this angel faced little blonde baby?

Okay if not let me refresh your memory…..

Have you guys really watched this show? It disgusts me how low some of these moms will go just so their precious little babies can win a stupid crown. I think I just kept ignoring the fact that we as women and even some of the dads are to blame for women being degraded these days. Come on now we are women….we are intelligent, strong, hard working, diligent, beautiful, caring…the list goes on and on. However I hate it when we are viewed as bimbos or ignorant because we use our looks and bodies to gain attention and prestige.

After I saw the mom who gives her four year old child a drink she calls “go go jucie” just to get her wired before a competition I truly became enraged. How IGNORANT do you have to be? That is child endangerment. Do you know what is in those energy drinks and that you are speeding up your child’s heart?? You are a dumb ass my friend and you have no right being a parent. Woman you need your child taken away…not only because you are giving your child speed but you act like a complete idiot in front of her. You are living the life you NEVER had through an innocent four year old child.

Okay….I know I have ranted and raved enough. I will shut up now. This is just my opinion and I don’t expect all of you to agree with me. I am by no means saying pageants are a bad thing because most of them are not if projected in the appropriate manner. Please just quit teaching your child to think that looks is everything and the world revolves around them…cause when they do grow up and realize it doesn’t they are going to be lost!!!!


Work it???  REALLY!!!!! SHE IS FOUR YOU IGNORANT WOMAN!!  She is not a pole dancer…just yet…I’m sure you have high hopes though!

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