Graturday People!

It’s Graturday Again!


Well friends another week has come and gone so quickly. It is once again Graturday. Do you know what you are grateful to have in your life? I am always so serious when it comes to this but this week along with the serious things I am gonna add some little things that brighten my life even though I know I could make it without them. I hope you find the time today to sit and make your list. This not only gives you a few minutes of quiet time but it does strengthen who you are. Remember self love is such an important thing to all of us. Hope you guys have a fandamntabulous weekend! The rockin mommy is planning on being lazy today and having a wonderful Ostara tomorrow with some great friends. 1. I am so very thankful for my family as they are my true strength!

2. I am thankful that I was able to bring my mom back home with me from the nursing home this week!

this is a pic of my sweet mama a few months after her car wreck (2010)…right before we got to bring her home from the rehab hospital 3. I am thankful that my neighbor found a new job (after being fired) and now they are moving to Tennessee in two weeks….which means we get to move a lot sooner than we thought!!

4. I am thankful for how very close my two girls are…drama queen loves her little mittens

5. I am thankful for Adam Levine…yes I said Adam Levine. He makes my heart rate increase and my blood pressure rise!

6. I am thankful for coffee….I love coffee. Such a wonderful invention especially on those cold mornings.

7. I am thankful for the new friend I made Alana Banana….I love ya already!

8. I am thankful for the beauty and warmth of the sunshine!

9. I am thankful for Dexter…This show is not only gives me the excitement I crave, the therapy I need, and the proof that we are not the only crazy family in America…no I am not a serial killer!!

10. I am thankful for music…it is the medicine for my soul. You can hear a song and it can take you back in time….good memories

So there you have it! My list for the week. Make sure you take a little time and make your own!! Remember you aren’t guaranteed to have them tomorrow when you wake up!!! Have a wacky, wonderful weekend!

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