Mommy needs a sick day

So I really wasn’t planning on even writing today but hell why not….no one around here will just let me die! I am sitting here wrapped up in my big fuzzy blanket having chills. As I glance around the living room I realize I could go on an episode of Hoarders. No effing joke. I clean everyday and as a matter of fact the hubby even says I suffer from OCD. I want to live in a clean house and I don’t see a problem with that. I swear to you right now there is so much shit on my coffee table I cannot see the top of it!

I am so embarrassed to post that but I want you guys to know what I write about ….well it truly happens. There is a ketchup bottle, juice, cokes, bottles, salt, formula, candles, tape, baby food, toilet paper, dirty bowls and glasses, wipes, and a to go plate from lunch. It appears they had some kind of trash the house party since mom is dying. I am drugged up on generic allergy medicine, dayquil, 800mg Ibuprofen, antibiotics, and phenergan for the nausea. I have strep throat but it feels like I need to go ahead and make my funeral arrangements. Why do moms not get sick days? I am telling you this is “snot” (no pun intended)one bit fair. My forehead is so hot I could fry a flippin egg on it right now. My nose is red and raw from blowing it on toilet paper. I actually got tired of wiping it during the night so I tore a piece off and lodge that son of a bitch up in my nostril…yes I know not ladylike! Who gives a shit right now. I look like I have been rode hard and put up wet.

me healthy…..not so bad

me ready to go pick out a burial spot. I haven’t seen the rest of the house and honestly I don’t want to. The kids are running amuk, yelling, fighting, doing anything they have longed to do but knew they wouldn’t get away with….now they can cause I don’t have enough energy to move. Mittens has been extra needy today and I fear she may be getting the funk as well. She thought she would take advantage of my illness too a little bit ago. I dozed off and told moody to watch her until I woke up. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I woke up to giggles and wiggles sitting next to me. Mittens was giving country the cat her bottle.

Well I hope all of you are having a fantabulous Friday! I am going to collapse now!

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