It all begins within yourself

It all begins within yourself


You must learn to love yourself, accept yourself, and most importantly to me FORGIVE yourself. I have lived inside a hard dark shell for so many years. I let life pass me by. I know I missed out on so many grand opportunities because I was afraid to open up my shell. I thought that I didn’t deserve to be happy. I guess I just settled. I really sold myself short on a lot of things. As we grow older we must take inventory of our lives. We have to come to terms with the fact that life is in charge of certain things that we cannot change. However it is our attitude that will determine if we win the fight or get knocked out!

Sometimes we hold on to anger against people who have hurt us. We bury that shit down deep inside and it roots itself and then begins to grow. We continually feed it with our attitudes and negativity. What we don’t see is that all that pent up anger is only hurting us. We are allowing the ones that hurt us to win because they continue to hurt us on and on. They don’t hurt…we do. Just let it go. This is a huge step for me….one I have been working on for awhile and will continue to work on daily.

Accept who you are! Quit thinking you are supposed to be something else or somewhere else. Be happy for the things you have and for who you are on the inside. We all get this idea of how our life is supposed to be and that only sets us up for failure. Life isn’t always going to be fair nor is it always going to be perfect but it is YOURS. It is your life to live. Keep a positive attitude and make things happen for the good. Look at everything with a glass half full attitude. You may think you NEED a new car but hey at least you have a car that gets you where you need to go. Some people can’t afford a car. You might think you need a bigger house…hey some people sleep on park benches because they can’t afford a house. I know…you know this already. However, sometimes we (yes myself too) we often take things for granted. This week just try to take a new approach. Everyday when you wake up just say a quick thank you for the small things in your life. On your way to work or to run errands try to notice something new…something beautiful. Just see if this doesn’t improve your attitude just a wee bit!!!

I am going to go take a nap now…I just can’t seem to kick this nasty funk I have…but thank goodness I haven’t landed in the hospital yet!! Have an amazing week ahead friends!!! Hug those babies.

2 thoughts on “It all begins within yourself

    • I haven’t been on here in forever but I want to thank you for stopping by! Life is just so busy sometimes!! I have not had time to focus on anything but kids and school! Much love! xo

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