The Good Old Days!

The Good Old Days


Just so you guys know I am still sick…day 5….I think I got it wrong yesterday due to all the meds that were and still are floating around in my funk-da-fied body! I am just a little bit distraught at how far technology has brought us. I mean yeah it is such a wonderful thing to have all these gadgets and ways to make new friends that live in a different country but what happened to using your imagination and being a real kid? What makes me sit and ponder on this today? Well, over the weekend drama queen asked me when I was gonna break down and buy her an Ipad. WTF? Really? Okay I didn’t say WTF but I did think it. I have bought this child who is 10 (yes 10) every Nintendo that has come on the market only for her to lose it within 3 months. I bought her a cell phone which in the past month has been left lying on a shelf at wal-mart (think God for honest people), found in her pants pocket barely missing the wash cycle, ran over by a jeep and found in the driveway, tossed in the back of the minivan and found under the groceries, left at a friends house for a mini-vacation, and to top it all off took a trip to Kansas because drama queen left it in her biological father’s car while he was in visiting. I bought her an Ipod which disappeared only two months after she got it. No telling where that sucker is at. Wish it would turn up though because I hate to think I threw away 150 bucks!!! So, this morning after I peeled myself off of the couch I logged on to check my email as I do every morning and what is the first email I find. jayleesmom73 you have been outbid…message from Ebay. What did I bid on? Now I must say I am an Ebay addict. I love it but I am completely out of funds for the moment seeing as how we just paid our landlord a down payment on the house next door. As I read further I quickly learn who the culprit behind the bidding is….none other than drama queen. Oh yea, she has gotten brave. She went on ebay and bid not only on an Ipad but she also bid on a Nook! Thank Buddah she was outbid. The nook was already up to 95 bucks and the IPad well we won’t even discuss that one. Needless to say miss thang and I will be having a heart to heart this evening when she gets home. I know as much as I hated the “When I was a Kid” stories my folks told me I am fixing to give her one. She walks around here yelling I’m bored….she has a television with satellite in her room, a cell phone to talk on, a computer to play on, an xbox to waste her brain cells on….I mean come on geez. What happened to going outside and ripping and romping until after the sun goes down? What happened to building forts, hide and seek, catching fireflies? I loved my childhood for those reasons. Summer days spent outside with the neighbor kids until after dark…only going in to eat or drink. I didn’t have a tv in my bedroom, a computer to play on, or a cell phone. I turned out okay. I had an imagination that went on and on. I was a teacher one day and a doctor the next. My stuffed animals served as my patients or my students. I would dance wildly around the room in my pj’s and never get bored. Honestly I don’t think I ever even spoke that word. Technology…yes it is a wonderful thing but so was being able to spend a day without any interruptions. Can you imagine going a day…just one day without our phones, televisions, and internet? Shew….some of you just had a panic attack. Anyway, I’m going back to bed because this fever is making me delirious! While I’m gone just think about it…..see if you can’t just unplug for one day! Give it a try and see how it goes. xo

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