I’m Back


Well, it has been months since I wrote a single thing.  I just woke up one day and thought who gives a shit about what I write.  Why am I wasting my time to write in a blog that no one reads.  Well, honestly I didn’t start writing the blog for anyone else.  I decided to write it for my benefit.  I felt it was a way of therapy….an online diary.  I had hopes it would open doors for me to reach others that had the same issues, goals, ideas, and hopes as mine.  Well, it didn’t work too well and I just gave up.  However, over the past several months I have faced a lot of trials that I believe writing about would have helped.  So, I am gonna start this again.  I am doing this for ME.  I am a nobody and I can’t write about wonderful humorous things that will make you laugh and make you wanna read more.  I am a somebody that has dealt with a lot of grief and emotions in her lifetime and would love to have some friends to share with.  I am a mom who deals with a child who has bi-polar disorder.  The days are long and hard and sometimes I want to run away.  I am a parentless child who misses her mom and dad so much I could die sometimes.  I am a wife who loves her husband but can’t seem to let go of the hurt from the past enough to free herself and enjoy this relationship.  I am a loner who really doesn’t step outside of her shell to make new friends and cries sometimes because she has no one to talk to. I am a hot mess plain and simple.  I really don’t know who I am at times and I long to find out.  I want to see who the girl inside really is.   So, I hope that in the days to come this opening of my soul will allow me to get a glimpse of her and of the life she longs for.  So I will keep it short and sweet today but I do feel better already knowing that I am about to open up the flood gates and let it all out!  I hope in the future to find some people who will take this journey with me.  Maybe we can help each other.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I think you, your writing and your openness is beautiful. I have missed your blog and am glad you are back for however long you choose to be. Sending you love from out here in cyberspace 🙂

    • I just want you to know how much your words mean to me. I really didn’t start the blog thinking it would go anywhere but to know that even one person out there enjoys it makes my day! As hectic as life is I am going to try to write once a week. Just to vent as well as be appreciative for the good things in life! Thank you so so so much for sharing a little piece of my life with me! xo

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