Happy Birthday Mittens


A year ago today at 4:28 pm I delivered a beautiful 6lb 9oz blonde hair, blue eyed angel. We named her Hallie Raygan Bryant.  Hal was her great-grandfather on her dad’s side and my daddy’s last name is Ray.  We mixed them up and now she carries a piece of her history with her.  She took on the nick name “mittens” given to her by her daddy.  She has been a true blessing in my life. I had decided years ago that I was finished having babies.  Then I met Kyle…the hubs.  He stole my heart and my soul.  After months of sadness from a tragedy in the family we decided we needed some happiness and we planned to have a baby.  Within a month we were pregnant and thus began the journey of our life with mittens.  The past year has been filled with smiles, laughter, joy, happiness, and pure love.  This little chunk a monk has opened my eyes to how sweet life can be.  Even times when I have sit and shed tears of grief I have looked down at her and seen the miracle that is life.  She makes me smile…simple as that.  She has brought life back into a grim hopeless mother.  I can’t explain the love I carry for this child.  All I can say is that she brought me back to life…..she is the final piece to the puzzle of my life.  I love you miss Hallie Raygan (mittens)!!! 

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mittens

  1. Yet another beautiful post. I do not have children but your post certainly tugged at that part of my heart that wonders if I should someday. Thank you for your blog. You and Mittens have the same eyes!!

  2. Awwww, I’m trying really hard not to cry. That post was SO sweet. It reminds me to be so grateful for what I have and to cherish every minute. Happy birthday to your daughter. My little girl is going to turn 1 in a couple of months! 🙂 I’m coming to you via the TGIF blog hop. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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