I’m Gonna Be a Little Old Tattooed Lady


This (above) was me a few years back.  I was younger, thinner, and way less tatted up!  Today I posted a pic on my madness facebook page of a young hot chick with tats.  Awesome tats that pretty much covered her body…here let me show you.


Sexy?  Well, I think so.  I think she is quite beautiful.  One of my fans posted a comment that simply said “I wonder what she will look like with all of those tattoos when she is old?”  Well, I sat there and I thought and I remembered a pic I had seen on the web of a beautiful older lady who was covered herself.  I posted it for the reader to see and I also wrote a little note along with it to express how I feel about it.  This is the pic…..


That question left a smile on my face and really got the wheels to turning in my brain.  I was once a blank canvas not too long ago.  However, I wanted to change that fact.  I wanted to be colorful and unique in a world of such “blah”.  I started getting tattoos at a young age…however they were hidden so that my parents could not see them.  I was so terrified of what they would say or do when they saw them as I was taught that was WRONG.  Over the years and as my parents aged I began to think for myself and I wanted to be ME.  I wanted to expose myself to the outside world and not be afraid to show people who I truly was.  Now, I know a tattoo does NOT define who we are at all.  I am not saying that by any means. Actually, I am saying the opposite.  A tattoo is just that….some ink on your body.  A tattoo does not mean you are some badass or that you are a convict just outta the hole either.  It doesn’t mean that you lie, steal, cheat, or kill.  It does mean that you are a person who appreciates art, that you have a mind or your own, and that you can stand a little pain, lol!  It means that you decided to not give a shit what other people thought of you.  Each tattoo I have is a memory.  It is something that I can look at and suddenly I am swept back to a previous time in my life whether happy or sad.  One tattoo that is very simple yet speaks volumes is one on my wrist.  It is the word BELIEVE.  I know I have shared the story of my mother and her auto accident before.  For those who haven’t read it I will make it short.  My mom was given 24 hours to live after a car accident.  She broke every bone in her body, ruptured and lost her spleen, ruptured her colon and lost most of it, and had a massive brain injury.  I spent three months of my life away from my kids sitting in a trauma unit holding her hand and begging her to stay with me.  I had lost everyone else in my life and I wasn’t losing her.  I lost my job and my home but never once did I lose my belief that she would pull through.  I remember sitting in a chair beside her looking at her lying there not even breathing on her own and I could feel the presence of my daddy all around.  I just kept hearing the word believe over and over again.  The day I brought my mama home was one of the sweetest ever! The week after I went and I got the tattoo.  Whenever I feel hopeless or I begin to have doubts all I do is look down and see that word and suddenly I know that anything is possible as long as you believe.  The tattoo on my foot was the last thing my daddy gave me.  He gave me money for my birthday and told me to get something special with it.  I sure did.  I went out and had a flower that would never die put on my foot.  Now, even though my daddy is gone, I have a flower from him that will never go away.  His memory is forever etched on my heart, soul, and my foot 🙂  

Tattoos are not for everyone.  I totally understand this.  I respect those who do not choose to alter their bodies in any way.  It is all a choice of the individual.  People are beautiful with or without them.  They don’t change who we are on the inside at all.  No matter how ugly your heart is a tattoo isn’t going to change that fact.  Tattoos are really not as controversial as they used to be and I am glad about that.  However, we do still have those people out there that think if a person has a tattoo then they must be “bad” or they consider us “skanky”.  Well, all I can say to those people is to each his own!  I ran from my parents for a big part of my life.  I was scared to be who I wanted to be.  I was the type of person that always worried about what other people thought.  I wanted to fit in and for so long I just blended in to my surroundings.  Not anymore.  I decided life was way too short to try and please everyone.  I also decided it was MY life and those people who judge me are no better a person for being judgmental!  I am a daughter, a mommy, a wife, a nurse, a student, a friend……I am human.  I have a huge heart and I would help any one given the chance.  The art on my body is just that….art.  It does not define me although it is a part of me.  So, take me or leave me but I won’t change for anyone anymore.  When I am old and all tatted up I am gonna smile and know that I lived my life full on and without regret. 

Big love!!!

5 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be a Little Old Tattooed Lady

  1. Dammit, you made me cry….and it’s not even 3:00 pm yet 🙂 My son is heavily tattoo’d and i think they are pretty awesome and beautiful. I , too, have a tattoo and am planning on another for my 50th birthday present next year. And (this is the part that made me cry) the one I’m getting? Believe on my wrist because I believe I can do anything. Last night, LAST NIGHT, I took a sharpie and wrote BELIEVE in pretty script on my arm and drew flowers all around it. So yes….you are a Rockin’ Mommy! Thanks….

    • Ahhhhhh, now I am crying!!!! HONEY you go rock that tattoo!!!! Yes ma’am we can achieve anything we want as long as we believe in who we are! I am so glad I wrote this. I almost backed out. Sending some big ole squeezy hugs your way! xoxo

    • You know me I’m a ‘too each his/her own” kinda gal….but on the other side of the tattoo story….I thought I’d share my reasons for deciding not to tattoo and I think we might just see this go the other way. Both my parents have tattoos and many many of my friends…some librarian colleagues as well as some that professionally show their tattoos. Again I have no issue with them and say go for it if you want them….but for me not having a tattoo was my rebel act. I can’t tell you how many people tried to tell me to express myself with a tattoo…but this was not a way to express being different for me. I felt more expressive by being the one person who didn’t have one. At 46, I could still pull off a tramp stamp….believe me my boyfriend has tried talking me into it…still a no from me…I’ll be that little old lady that shocks the crap out of her grandkids someday but I’ll find other ways to skew their little faces. Again, no problem with the tatts at all…they are creative, some are beautiful…some are not….ladies express yourselves in any way you like, that’s the important part. Being a rebel is about going against the grain, getting your voice heard and changing the world for the better…so anything that encourages that is fine in my book!

      • Cherie,
        That is the point of my post. People should not judge others just because of a way they choose to live their lives. We are all unique. I don’t have any problem with you NOT having ink. That is your decision and as I said in my post to each his own. Life is about creating yourself and each person will do that a different way. Maybe we don’t all agree with things that take place in the world today but we are not to judge. My ink does not make me any different than you besides the fact that I love to express myself that way. Congrats to you for standing behind your decision. I applaud you on that. We are all rebels in some way…..just different for each of us.

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