Motherhood in Pictures

So why do I love being a mom?  What have I learned from the mommyhood experience?  Let me explain…

I got to suffer through hours and hours of uncontrollable pain and then I pushed a baby out of a hole the size of a quarter……then I got to spend countless hours of changing shitty diapers, had my boobs turned into a milk factory, learned to live on 3 hours of sleep at night, got a new perfume called essence of baby spit, gave baths every night but was lucky to get myself one every few days.  I learned that no matter how nice you look before you walk out the door before you get to your destination you will undoubtedly be covered in either: pee, poop, spit-up, or whatever baby decides you should be wearing that day.


I learned to cut corners and realized life was no longer a dream….although I walked around in a fog most days. I was awakened by coughing, gagging, puking all hours of the night….and even ended up learning how to catch vomit mid-air.   I learned it was okay to “not change the sheets” during the night after the bed was wet….I mean it does dry ya know…..besides the kid is just gonna end up in your bed anyway. 


I learned quickly that I was now a built in maid and I would spend the rest of my days picking up after tiny people whose messing habits would conquer any tornado.  I learned that even if you place a hamper in the bathroom by the tub your child’s clothing will still end up in the floor beside the hamper.  I also learned that cleaning up while the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it is coming a blizzard….no use! I learned that kids can hide food, clothing, and other items in places you would never think to look…until you decide to move.


I learned that no matter what I fix for supper whether it be a five course meal or pizza the kids will undoubtedly decide they do not like it and demand something else… just fix chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.  I also learned that if you take the kids out to eat there is no possible way that they will all pick the same restaurant and someone is going to pitch a fit and go home mad.  Just tell em “Take it or Leave it” or better yet….just leave them at home!


I learned that the smallest things become so important to us….I mean at one point we never thought about going to bathroom as a “pleasure”.  With kids….you never get to go alone again.  I realized that even if I told them I needed to take a dump they didn’t care….there would still be little hands coming under the bathroom door.  I learned that you might as well throw modesty out the window because everyone is going to see you naked whether you like it or not!  I also learned that sex with the hubs will never be the same….as there is NO privacy in a home full of kids.Image

I learned real quick that being a mom isn’t easy.  You don’t get a handbook that tells you all the rules and “how to’s” of raising a child.  I learned that mistakes will be made and you learn from them.  I learned that kids will do the silliest things when you aren’t looking….like eating the pet’s food, drinking from the dog bowl, eating toilet paper, painting the dog, decide to have a fight with baby powder, draw pictures…on your freshly painted wall, throw all of their toys in the toilet, hide their baby brother in a toy box because he is crying, call 911, cut their hair off above their ears…only on one side, attempt to “shave like mommy”…and the list goes on and on!


I also learned that they grow up way too quickly and those moments are gone before the blink of an eye. I learned that little sticky hands grow into hands that don’t need to be washed or held anymore.  I learned that boo boo’s go away and no longer need to be kissed.  I learned that kisses before school are no longer needed for them to make it through the day. I learned that they no longer tell mommy what happened during their day but they tell their new best friends.   I learned that time wasted cleaning and running errands cannot be gotten back!! All of the dirt will be waiting for you but your babies will not….so let that stuff go and enjoy being a mommy.


Most of all I learned that my children make me smile when I wanna cry, they touch my heart like no one else, they love me unconditionally.  They are my world.



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