Diversity Is A Good Thing….Plain and Simple


So, I posted this photo on my Facebook page yesterday as a positive reinforcement to the fact that we are all have different ways of parenting.  There is no way for anyone to be a perfect parent.  All we can do is keep our children as healthy, safe, and loved as possible.  However, it never fails, someone always has to put their two cents worth in which may I point out is always NEGATIVE.  A lady, who I am sure is a very sweet person and raises her children to the best of her ability, decided to say quite bluntly that circumcision is not a good parenting choice but mutilation.  Mutilation?  Really?  Okay, so I mutilated my son?!  I understand totally if you do not believe in circumcision but for you to pour your beliefs out onto me and judge me for something I chose to do is nothing but insanity.  I do not go around looking for reasons to bash other women or men’s parenting skills or choices.  This is a great big world we ALL live in and if everyone would realize that by getting along it would be a much happier place.  Why is it that we cannot stand to let other people live their life the way they choose to live it?  Granted there should be rules and regulations that we live by such as at not harming others but we should allow people to live the way they see fit.  Today all there is around us is bickering and pointing fingers at others.  We have so called Christians who want to tell men and women they are going to hell for loving someone of the same gender.  We have racists who are harming and even killing others because of their skin color and believe me that goes in all directions.  I am saying that there are just as many “Black” or “Latino” racists as there are “White” racists.  We have politicians fighting and slandering their opponents just so they can hold an office of power.  We have mothers who judge other mothers for breast feeding or not breastfeeding or in this instance circumcising a child.  We have people who laugh at those who are less fortunate than themselves because it must make them feel like the superior person.  Okay….I could go on all day long and I’m sure you get my drift.  It just hurts my heart to know that this world is full of hatred instead of love.  I know that we cannot all agree on everything….it just will never happen.  We all have our own mindset and attitudes.  We do not all believe in the same things such as religion, politics, parenting, relationships, etc.  That doesn’t mean we have to bash each other and point our judgmental little fingers at others.  I was raised in a very strict Pentecostal family.  My uncle was the Pastor of our church.  I was taught things that even as a child growing up I questioned.  I was told I would go to Hell for divorcing and remarrying or for wearing certain clothes and  makeup.  I was told I couldn’t have sex before marriage and that a man had to be with a woman or they would die and go to Hell.  I will be honest when I say I feel like I was brainwashed to some degree.  However, I was never the silent little lamb led to slaughter.  I rebelled against many of the beliefs of my church.  I wore jeans, make up, and jewelry.  I had sex before marriage and I did get a divorce from an abusive man who nearly killed me and my child.  I listened to rock and roll and I drank alcohol.  Yes, I made many mistakes as a young person and I still make mistakes.  I am not perfect at all and I never will be.  I just don’t see how people can preach one thing such as LOVE and forgiveness but then tell a good man God doesn’t love him and he will burn forever because he is married to another man.  There are so many things in life that I do not understand anymore and that I don’t agree with.  I won’t get into all of my beliefs as that is a totally different post but what I am getting at is before you stand and judge someone else take a look at your own home.  Diversity is what makes this world turn.  How boring would life be if we were all cookie cutter versions of each other.  It just wouldn’t work.  No, I am not a perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…….I make mistakes.  I am guilty myself of pointing fingers at different times.  I am working on that daily.  I have overcome many of those guilty judgmental issues.  I don’t look at someone and tell them they are wrong for circumcising their child or for not breastfeeding.  I don’t tell anyone they are wrong for loving someone of a different race or of the same gender.  If it is wrong in your eyes then okay…..just move along and keep your degrading remarks to yourself.  Life is all about what you make it.  Yes, we have problems, stress, heartache so why add anything else to the pile?  Learn to love freely.  Learn to let go.  Learn to accept others for who they are.  You just might learn a few things for yourself.  You may change your mind about somethings or you may not but you just might make a few good friends in the process.  People are people….unique and special in their own ways.  I have found a freedom in relinquishing control and judgment over things that DO NOT CONCERN me.  Live your life the way you choose and let others live theirs.  Okay there it is…I will hop down off of my soapbox now!  I know many of you will not agree with what I have said and many may even decide I’m a fool and you dislike me but hey….that is your opinion and your right!  As I learned growing up opinions are like assholes….every one has one!

7 thoughts on “Diversity Is A Good Thing….Plain and Simple

  1. I loved your soapbox… It’s true. Moms pit themselves against other moms. There is no guidebook telling you if you are a good parent so everyone makes their own… Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a mom friend in a different situation, it’s never fun to have a friend the exact same as you

  2. We all put too many demands on each other. We judge each other. It’s exhausting. Most people are just doing the best they can to get by in the world.

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