For Better or Worse….or until I kill you

Just let me say this post is totally not pleasant and not what I like to talk about but as I was sitting here watching a rerun of 20/20 I became infuriated beyond belief.  So here we go!

What the fuck is wrong with some men?  What is it in their mind that triggers the thought of killing their wives?  I am watching the story on Josh Powell which I am sure most of you are familiar with but if not let me fill you in. This idiot killed his wife Susan (who was the mother to his two sons) for some unknown  Image

reason.  He tells the cops that he left his home during the night and took his sons camping (in temps that reached freezing).  He has no idea what happened to his wife but he feels that she left him for another man.  Over the next year insane evidence came to light including the fact that Josh’s dad was a complete freak and psychopath himself.  He was arrested and charged with multiple accounts of pornography and it is believed he made advances toward his daughter in law Susan.  This whole family is completely insane. The two boys are taken from Josh and placed with Susan’s parents.  He won supervised visits with his sons and it had to be supervised by a social worker.  The last day of their lives the worker went to the home of Josh and let the boys out of her car.  As she was getting her stuff together the boys ran on into the house.  As she began walking toward the house it exploded.  He knew the cops were closing in on him and if couldn’t keep his boys then no one would.  He killed his boys as well as himself. This freak took away two young boys chance at growing up.  He took their mom away from them. He took their lives.  This man in my opinion is a special breed of evil.  What kind of human being does it take to kill his wife and two kids?  All I can say is I hope there is a special place in hell for him…..where maybe he can burn a little bit worse and be reminded everyday for the rest of eternity of those sweet faces.  Stupid fucker!

Then this takes me back to another wife who lost her life to the hands of her wicked husband.  Laci Peterson who was such a beautiful young woman just beginning her life.



Scott Peterson the handsome, charming, and devoted husband who was completely full of shit tried to make everyone believe he loved Laci and awaited her homecoming.  Yeah right….who didn’t know from the very beginning that this bastard was the one responsible for her disappearance?  The story made no sense and he was not a very good actor.  Okay, his alibi was “going fishing”.  Who the hell goes fishing in freezing temps on Christmas Eve? Oh, and did I mention the fact that she was almost 8 months pregnant?  It turned out that he was having an affair and just wanted Laci out of the picture as well as his unborn son.  I mean yeah who can live it up with a wife and child at home, right?  Well as I firmly believe you get what you give and Karma will catch up with you at some point and catch up with Scott Peterson it did!  Laci and her sweet unborn baby boy’s bodies washed up onto shore on April 13, 2003.  He may have thought he would get away with it but Laci’s voice would still be heard.  Now Scott Peterson sits on death row where I hope he is reminded every single day of Laci and their unborn child.  I hope she haunts his dreams every night.

These two men are not alone.  This is becoming a very common thing.  I just don’t get it.  Has these men not of heard divorce?  Why must you go to the extreme and kill?  They are taking lives of innocent people who deserve a chance at living their lives into the golden years.  These women were moms, daughters, sisters, and friends of so many.  They were ripped away from this world for the mere selfishness of these so called “men”.  I say you are not a man but a coward.  I am sickened by the evil that has washed across this planet.  We hear of senseless crimes every single day and it is saddening.  You hear the story and your first reaction is “that couldn’t happen to me”.  Well, let me tell you YES it can happen to you.  These women I am sure never had the first thought about being murdered.  I’m sure they got up on those days and went about their daily routines just like they would any other day. 

I just have to ponder what goes wrong in someone’s mind that they are overcome by the desire to murder another person?  I know that I have hatred for a few people that have harmed my children but honestly I don’t know that I could kill anyone.  I’m sure the thought has crossed my mind and if it came down to protecting my family I would do it at any cost.  Just to go out and pick someone to murder or to get mad at my husband and decide to “off” him….well no that would never happen.  This just tells me that evil does exist.  It is out there and it plays no favorites. 

There is a murder case going on in the small town where I live right now.  It is a case that hits very close to home as I know both the victim and the murderer.  I had briefly dated the man a few years back and never noticed any sign of anger or evil about him.  He was around my children and my family and now looking back I am so thankful that we went our separate ways.  No one knows what happened that night or the circumstances around the murder.  All we know is that the victim went to her assailant’s house for some reason and an altercation took place.  He used a knife and slit her throat.  They found over 18 stab wounds.  The worst part was that she was only 4 months pregnant.  Who knows if we will ever learn the truth and what set him off that night.  All we know is that the life of two people was taken that night and now there he sits in prison awaiting trial.  You never know a person or what they might do. 

Why am I writing this?  Well for one I was absolutely pissed off when I watched 20/20.  Secondly I am writing because I think we as women should learn to pay more attention to our surroundings.  We have to protect ourselves.  Watch for any signs of anger issues or violent tendencies from those we surround ourselves with.  There are just as many stranger abductions and murders.  There are stalkers out there just waiting for the opportunity to take another prey.  Take a self-defense class, get your conceal and carry license, learn to protect yourself.  It may pay off someday.  We can’t lock ourselves away from the dangers of the world but we can sure put ourselves on a more level playing field.  I know this wasn’t a happy post but I had to vent somehow.  If you take nothing else away from it please take away the idea of not being so trusting and learning to trust your instincts!!! 

Stay safe ladies!

5 thoughts on “For Better or Worse….or until I kill you

  1. Exactly. Why the hell would someone think it is to kill someone. And if you have the stones to do it, fess up save the families the grief of a trial and having to search for a body and the thought that stays in the back of their mind that their child or best friend will someday come home. Good thing that deranged individual took your split well, and it didn’t go much farther.

    • I know…it is crazy! I find myself dwelling on the past and downing myself for letting him in my life and my children’s. I’m so blessed to be safe and sound. Thanks for reading! xoxo

  2. I try so hard to teach my daughters to trust themselves, know thier worth and that it is a personal value not dependant on someone else. I dont think it would ‘solve’ these issues but if just one of the women you gave as examples had trusted her gut she may not have even still been with these very wrong minded med. My oldest just did her conceal and carry and will hopfully be on the Mizzou pistol team. I want a tshirt for her that lets them all know she is bad ass!
    I only wish I had been a tad more bad ass myself.
    Adore ya!

    • It is a sad day we live in. I am also getting my conceal and carry this year…one of my goals. My hubs has taught me to shoot. In this day and time a woman can’t be too protected!!

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