3 thoughts on “Beautiful Birth

  1. you are absolutely right there is nothing wrong with that picture the baby even looks clean and there less nudity that what you see on the beach so I have no idea what kind of crack this person was snorting. I’m sorry you are being so harassed by people who have nothing better to do than bitch. I am a God fearing Christian and I love your posts, there are some that leave a funny taste in my mouth but I see worse stuff in my emails from my mother and I just delete them and move on. Our pastor told us on Sunday that as Christians we have no right to take offense to ANYTHING under ANY circumstances and we need to forgive EVERYONE ALWAYS period so these people who think they are so righteous that they can hammer down your freedom need to go back to the basics and actually READ what they think they are preaching. I hope you don’t get blocked again or give up and shut your site down. There is such a happy mix of stuff coming from you that I personally would miss the refreshing creativity, wisdom, humor, and assistance of other moms that you provide. stay strong and GOD bless.

    I hope this didn’t come across as to corny I’m not a bible thumper or anything unless I’m hitting myself in the head with it or something I just have a strong passion and I’m sick of all the griping that goes on in the name of religion regardless of faith. If you believe in the bible we are all related because the flood wiped out everyone but Noah so lets stop the family feuds and grow up already!

  2. The miracle of that first moment holding your miracle child, your gift from God. I showed the picture to my husband (who can be crude and sexist) and he saw the beauty of the moment and only the beauty. We saw nothing but the beauty and felt the miracle, remembering when our children and grandchildren were born. Such beautiful moments…

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