Lost In Thought

So today was just one of those days I catch myself reflecting.  I wrote the following on my facebook page but wanted to share it here too.

Let me say this is no rant at all…this is me talking to you all as if you were sitting in my living room. First, after seeing the many well wishes for Shannon my heart is about to explode. I will never lose my faith in the kindness of human nature. After talking to Shannon today I just got to thinking about life in general. You know me…I tend to get lost in my thoughts. I was just once again shaken back to reality to the fact that we are not “death proof”. We are all facing many demons some of us worse than the others. There are so many people in this big ole world who have troubles that we can not understand…as the saying goes “don’t judge me until you have walked a mile in my shoes”. Why do we as adults act the way we do sometimes? I am speaking for myself as well. Why do we let the little things get us down and put our minds into a negative space? Why can we not support our friends and fellow man when they are facing troubles and heartache. We are responsible not only for our own actions but that of our children. They watch us as they grow and then they model our behavior. Don’t get me wrong I think behaviors that come from mental illnesses and such come with birth but those can be managed. Are people born to be evil or does something just click that sends them over the edge? Some questions we will never be able to answer. I do believe that it is sad that as adults we can be so hateful and mean to others. We can get into an argument and that is it…it ends our friendships forever. Why can’t we take we follow suit of our children when it comes to petty arguments. We always say “you are acting childish” Think about it our kids will get into it over silly stuff like who gets to play with the toy longer or stuff like “she made a face at me”. However, by the very next day they are best friends again. It’s like nothing happened. They are forgiving. Think about a child getting in trouble for doing something wrong. They cry and get upset with us for disciplining them but within a few hours they are giving us a hug and loving us. So when that quote is used from now on I am going to say yes I am acting childish and hopefully we can be friends tomorrow when this all is gone and forgotten. Why is it today we are not allowed to stand up for our friends when we see something or someone hurting them? Why does it have to turn into world war 3?? When are we going to realize there are more things to worry about such as starvation, war, homeless, diseases, racism, hatred…..
We can’t depend on others to teach our kids right from wrong. Sure…there are people out there that are in the public eye who are expected to uphold a greater sense of morality and positivity but isn’t always like that. Our kids depend upon us. I used to hear in every therapy session I took Sarah to “pick your battles”. The therapist would tell me to let the little things go. Also Austin Blood told me to not let the critics get me down. They cannot hurt me because what they think about me is none of my business. I have also decided to look at certain issues and problems this way. I have to ask myself when something happens….hey is this going to affect you six months from now or a year from now?? If the answer is no….then let it go. I have really been saddened over the years and especially in the last few weeks over losing friends. What we have to learn is who is important and who isn’t. Those who love you will understand you. I just want you all to know…I am not perfect. I don’t say things just to blow sunshine up your ass. However, I do wear my heart on my sleeve and the things that have happened to me over the years has taught me to have a more open mind and a bigger heart. It taught me that no one is perfect and we can’t make everyone like us. I don’t want to let this world harden me and I don’t want to be a “bitch”. So, honestly I am just gonna be me….the soft hearted naive girl who thinks everyone has good in them. Yes, I care what you think of me and I let that get to me sometimes…can’t change that so I’m not even gonna try. Guys just remember we are all in this thing called life together. Think about how much nicer it would be if we all could at least “get along”. Not asking you to run out and give your neighbor a hug but if you see them in need offer a hand. Just for one week I am asking you to view life differently. I want you to pretend you have been given the news that you only have one week to live….what would you change? I don’t know who all follows this page but I hope that in some way I have touched your life or made you laugh on a bad day. I don’t know if one particular person will read this but if you are….I am sorry you didn’t give me a chance to explain anything. Had the tables been turned I would have listened to you. I do still think the world of you and wish you only the best in the future!!! xoxo


4 thoughts on “Lost In Thought

  1. I love this post so much! I have been reflecting a lot lately over a few friendships. Many of my friendships have survived over decades but some have grown with me and others have grown away from me. I think that in the end the ones that survive are the ones built on all the concepts you talk about. Protecting one another, apologizing, accepting each other for who we truly are as human beings and standing up for each other especially when a mutual friend tries to take another down. Above all, if a friend can’t be there with you and for you in the good and the bad times, then it’s time to distance yourself. I would much rather have fewer meaningful friendships than a great many fairweather friends! You’re right, there is so much more to worry about in this world that really requires our attention than the sometimes small and petty things that bring us down. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I think as kids pride doesn’t get in the way as much, maybe thats why it was so easy to forgive and move on. I am going to spend a week being more aware of the ones I love. I have a chronic illness and am very open about it but I think it can make other people feel like they should help me, maybe I need to extend something to make sure they know how thankful I am and that I ‘see’ them.
    Thanks love!

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