The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


Bullying is use of force such as with verbal harassment, physical abuse, threatening, or coercion to others.  When this is done by a group of people it is known as mobbing.  We hear stories of bullying every day.  We see stories on the news, read about them in newspapers or on social media sites, and even witness them ourselves.  Why does these actions take place?  Where do they start and who is responsible.  Well let’s just take a look into this situation.  We know bullying takes place in schools today by children who prey on the weak or insecure.  Is this a result of a bad situation at home?  Do these children mimic what they see from their parents?  Is a person just born with innate feelings of superiority?  I think all of these can be true.  When a child is hiding shame or needs to boost their own self-esteem they feel the need to take control over others that are weaker than they are.  Psychological problems can lead someone to be dominant or bullying can come simply from jealousy or envy.  The truly sad thing is that bullying does not always go away and today we are seeing adult bullying. 


Do people think by bullying others that they are superior or that it makes them cool?  Well news flash…it doesn’t.  It makes you look like a mean asshat.  It makes you look like an ignorant fool.  The world is such a sad place today with all the abuse of children and elders, starving and homeless people, pedophiles raping innocent babies, and murders of innocent people.  We fight with our own when we should be pulling together to make this a better world for future generations. 


I have seen so much inconsiderate and mean people on facebook the since I have been running my page that it turns my stomach.  I find it hard to believe that moms can’t just support each other instead of bashing them for parenting a certain way.  Also, these so called “admins” of certain pages seem to think that running a page makes you this big famous person…which it does not.  I think so many of them go on this power trip because they have thousands of people following them.  I have to say if the people following them approve of certain actions they take then those people are no better than the bullies themselves.  Yes, threatening other pages and the people that run them just because you don’t like them is bullying.  When a group of women join together to bring another person down once again that is called “mobbing”.  I call it being a coward.  Can you not fight your own battles?  Must you go get your “bitches” and all strike at once?  How classy is that?  Oh, and when did the word bitch become such a good term?


According to Merriam-Webster the definition of bitch is 1) A female dog and 2) A lewd, immoral, malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman. 

I don’t know that any of that is a good thing?  I mean are you a dog?  If so I guess that is a hard life for you.  I can answer the second one…if you call yourself a bitch and you mean it by the second definition especially throwing malicious and spiteful in there then boy do you live up to the word.  I for one am glad that I was raised with better morals and ethics and I am not a bitch.  To walk around having to claim you are a bitch must be a sad life if I must say so myself.  What do you get from acting this way?  Do you get respect?  Maybe, but look who respects you…they are no better.  It is a shame that being a lady has went down the tubes and being a bitch is “popular”.


You know the worst part of these whole bullying thing and being completely inconsiderate to others?  It is the fact that if you are a parent your child is watching you every day.  They are learning from you.  Some day they are going to go to school and what will you do if they become the victim of bullying? What will you do if they turn out like you and they bully other people?  Will that make you proud?  Let me remind you as much as you like to throw around the word Karma…well for those who aren’t doing anything wrong that Karma that comes back to them will be good Karma.  The karma that is going to get you someday will be the same as you have put out.  What you give you get.  You will pay for your actions.  Yes, you reap what you sow.  Think about that.  It may not even be you…it may be your child that gets mistreated by someone who acts just like you. 


Today in this world we see children fighting for their life against diseases such as childhood cancers.  A comment on my page today really put this into perspective one more time.  While grown women are on facebook arguing over a stupid picture that might I add belongs to Disney not a person who downloads it, adds a quote, and their initials there is a kid out there who may not live to see tomorrow.  A mom commented to day about how much she appreciated my page because on days where she was upset and sad about her daughter (who is fighting leukemia) she could come to the madness page and find support and posts that lifted her spirits.  That my friends is what this world should be about.  We have enough to worry about besides worrying about a stupid picture and how big of a bitch you can be.  I would have much more respect for you if you were reaching out to people in need rather than running around gathering up your gang of bullies to see how many people you can hurt.


Let me tell you before you judge me or point fingers you better make sure your own hands are clean.  When you are gone from this earth people will not remember you for the “bitch” you claimed to be.  You will be forgotten.  How do you want your kids to remember you?  As a mom who cared about others and tried to make this a better world or as a woman who didn’t care about others and bullied people?  I guess that is a stupid question because your actions speak for you. As for me…well I haven’t lost all hope for humanity.  I know there are still decent people out there who care for others.  I know there are people who would take the shirt off of their back if someone needed it.  I hope that someday children learn that bullying others will get them no where.  I hope they learn that love will take them much farther than hate.  I also hope that adults can grow up themselves and show their children how to act.  Teach them to be kind and love one another instead of being mean and hurting others intentionally.  Life is short people…way too short to do things to others that you may not get a chance to rectify. 



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