Mamas have meltdowns too….in their minivans….on the way to buy the Merlot!

So, have you heard about this book that is taking the mommy world by storm?  No?  Really?  Well my dear friend Carolyn Coppola has took the time out of her busy life to chronicle the craziness of the motherhood journey.  This book isn’t for those of you who like to pout and whine or blame the world for what comes your way (or maybe it is because then you will realize you are not alone and the insanity happens to all of us).  This book is for all of you mommies out there (or grand-mommies) who are, already have, or are getting ready to take on the 24/7 job of being a mother.  Sometimes bad things happen, you know like ending up with a plate full of baby carrots on top of your head right before you are getting ready to head out the door.  Do you get all uptight or do you just shake it off and carry on (with the carrots in your hair)?  Well, Carolyn does such an excellent job of telling stories that have happened to her and some of her friends…even her precious dog who likes to play Houdini and escape while she is busy shielding her son from the oncoming highway while he goes potty beside the car!  I mean honestly who of us haven’t faced days like that?  Being a mom is something you can never prepare for.  It will surprise you every single day with something new that you had no clue about.  You will be embarrassed and you will definitely at some point embarrass your offspring.  I mean that is our job you know.  I would love to share so many stories from the book that made me laugh and rock like some crazy woman in a straight jacket as my hubs sat beside me asking me where the hell I got the happy pills because he wanted some.  I love the fact that Carolyn makes me feel comfortable with being imperfect and carrying not so fancy purses filled with crayons, unwrapped candy, and dirty wipes that I inevitably find in the bottom.  I love being a mom….I love having children who although drive me to the point of insanity can make all my worries vanish with one little tight hug.  If you like to read and you love mommy stories then this book is for you.  Please pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  The price is considerably low for the laughs that you get!!!!   Here is the review I left on the book:

This is a must read for any and all moms and grand-mothers out there who are in need of a good laugh or just a little walk down memory lane of motherhood. Carolyn Coppola and her maddening journey of being a mom will tickle that funny bone of yours and if you are like me you will not want to put the book down. Motherhood brings about so many emotions that we can all relate to….am I right ladies? Well, this book will have you in tears but not the sad boo hoo type. No, I am talking lying in the bed laughing until the tears run down your face while your spouse lies beside you with one of those “what the hell kind of happy pills did she take tonight?” This book reminds us that it is okay to be an imperfect mom and to have a three ring circus family life (like mine). I mean what is normal anyway? So go grab you a copy of Minivans, Meltdowns & Merlot, pick up a nice bottle of wine (my preferred choice being Cupcake), and get ready to realize that mommyhood is one wild ride but worth every minute.
Bex Bryant aka The Madness of Mommyhood


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