When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a Maid…..NOT

Now I’m not saying there is a damn thing wrong with being a maid.  I know there isn’t.  There is really good money to be made in it in certain situations. However, as a child this was not my dream at all.  I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, or most importantly a mommy.  Little girls dream of being a princess and taken care of rather than taking care and waiting hand and foot on others.  We have this idea of motherhood as a wonderful thing.  We carry our dollies around, rock them, push them in strollers, and even pretend to feed them.  The thing is we don’t see the part where they grow into lazy, smart mouth, inconsiderate, it’s all about me teenagers.  Oh no, we don’t hear about that part. 


“I’m Bored, I’m Bored, I’m Bored”  yep…that is what I hear from my 11 year old every single day of her life although her room looks like the one above.  Every day we go through the same routine.  She gets off the bus and I tell her do your homework and start your chores.  Well, at six in the evening she is “still” working on her homework although she has been up and down 50 times, wanted to eat, needed to check this or do that…blah blah blah.  I get so frustrated I tell her to stop her homework and get to her chores right now. You know what I finally realized?  She had her iPod in her lap….duh!!  My 21 year old has to be the worst of all.  I cannot even begin to tell you how nasty her room is.  She now has a baby as well and plans on getting married next May..I am thinking that is not soon enough.  While she was gone the other day I thought “I am tired of this shit…I am cleaning that room”.  I got four trash bags and I went to work.  I found dirty diapers, dirty bottles, empty coke cans, plates of half-eaten food….OMG it was like a f’n landfill.  I threw away anything that was not clothes.  She came home and went into a panic because she couldn’t find her tv remote. This is exactly what she said to me “That is why I don’t clean my room….I can find stuff if it is messy”!!   Huh?  Okay, is she trying to use reverse psychology on me?  My 19 year old son…well he is a wonderful kid.  God blessed me with him because he knew if I had another hooligan I would just give up and never have another baby….and I think he felt sorry for me.  His only downfall is not keeping a very clean room.  He will do anything I ask and when I tell him to clean he usually does but he is a boy and their idea of cleaning is not the same as a woman’s idea of cleaning. He at least gets his trash thrown away and his dirty clothes into the hamper.  Him and the 21 year old share a bathroom and that is what gets me.  Neither one of them understand the process of scrubbing a tub and toilet.  I think they are scared of being eaten by some bacterial germ that has grown inside the toilet because they never clean it.  Everytime I go down there I have a seizure.  I get so infuriated that they can’t even take a trash bag out and their is toilet paper piled up around the trash can.  I call them both in there and lecture them at least twice a week (just finished one about an hour ago).  So what got me so riled up this morning…..


This is what pissed me off the minute I stepped out of the bedroom into the kitchen.  The thing is they also don’t tell you that your lazy teenagers turn into lazy adults which become your husband.  Am I the only damn person in the house who can pull a full trash bag out of the can and replace it?  Does it take a Masters Degree to empty trash?  Just last night my hubs (who sees me melting down because I have cleaned my kitchen four times today and now my 21 year old is in there eating again at 9pm) says “Well at least I pick up after myself.) I nearly fall over laughing.  Yeah right.  I look around the room and see his jacket laying on the chair, his work boots in the middle of the living room floor, his safely glasses, wallet, and keys on the island…..you get my point.  Then before going to bed I go to the bathroom and there is his filthy work clothes laying right in front of the sink with the hamper six inches away behind the door. Yea, you pick up after yourself.  I wouldn’t even give you an A for effort.  So, yeah I live with a bunch of lazy inconsiderate animals who feel that I am their maid.  Well guess what?  I didn’t sign up for being a maid and I quit.  I will pick up after myself and if the rest of the house falls down around us well so be it!!!  

Good luck with that!

2 thoughts on “When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a Maid…..NOT

  1. Oh girl, I laughed and cried on this. As a mom of four from 4 to 18 I get it. I could probably walk in the next room and take a pic of recycling on top of a full trash can, the great balancing project.
    Carrie @ Just Mildly Medicated

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