Live Your Life….

Why not live so fully and presently in every moment that you always feel alive and energized by the gift of life? Why not live through your heart and love with such intensity and frequency that the movie you see at the end of your life is a stirring love epic? Why not care for others and seek to make a difference in others’ lives as part of your everyday schedule and routine that is so ingrained in who you are that you know you mattered?

~Brendon Burchard

Life can be so beautiful at times.  When you are sitting and looking into the eyes of a child that your brought into the world.  When you are sitting with your grandma and listening to stories about a childhood that although so very hard was so very amazing.  When you are sitting on your porch listening to the birds chirp and the crickets sing their songs. Life can be so much more awesome if you just let it be. 

If we want to enjoy our lives we need to live “in the present” not in the past nor in the future.  In a few spiritual beliefs they believe that the “NOW” is all you have.  When you think about it this is a true statement.  The past is just that…the past.  It is gone and you cannot get it back so why let it weigh you down.  Our mistakes are over…we learn and then we move on.  Yes, we have good memories but those can’t be gotten back either.  Live now.  Worrying over what might happen in the future will only keep you from shining today.

When you do reach the end of your journey do you want to look back and think “wow, I made such a mess of my life?”  or do you want to say “I lived a full and loving life”.  Today as you wake up and go about your daily rituals try to notice things a little bit more.  Look up at the clouds or really feel the sun shining down on your face.  When you meet someone meet them with a smile.  Who is to say that smile won’t change their day for the positive?  We never know what is going on in someone’s life so why not be kind to everyone.  Some people may not have a soul to turn to.  They may be completely alone in this world and your smile and kindness may give them hope.

Those who you love…your friends and your family….make sure they are fully aware of just how much.  Don’t let a day go by that you don’t reach out to them and tell them or show them.  We take for granted so many moments in our lives.  If you got up today and all you had left was what you thanked God for yesterday then what what would you have left?  I would hope every single thing but I am pretty sure a lot of us would be left with very little if anything.

Love with all of your heart and soul.  Don’t waste you time angry and holding grudges that will just eat away at you.  You are getting nowhere by letting those who have hurt you remain in your memory bank.  Remember the past is gone.  You are a SURVIVOR not a victim.  Life has not struck you out just yet…maybe you are on strike two but swing for the fences and get a home run. 

Why don’t you make kindness a part of your daily lives?  Get up with the mindset that you are on a happy journey today.  When something bad happens try to remain calm and think to yourself this is temporary.  I’m not going to let this get my blood pressure up and stress me out.  You will not believe the difference in your mood and your over all life if you start to work through your problems with positivity instead of thinking nothing is going to improve.

Yes, we have all been hurt and bad things have happened to us.  We have to learn to live with these things instead of ridding them because honestly the pain of losing someone is not going away. Yes, it may get easier but the hole remains and there is nothing that can fill it.  Deal with your emotions and get a grasp on them.  Learn your body and realize when those negative feelings begin to take over.  Stop them in their tracks.  Nothing is ever going to be perfect and that is okay.  We have to learn to live in an imperfect world. 

Yes, we live in a world that has mean people…even evil people but I am pretty sure there is more kindness than hatred.  Raise your children to love and not to  judge.  Give them hope of a better tomorrow.  If we all worked together instead of pointing fingers life would be much happier.  We get one life…live it with love.


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