Excuse our mess!

Hey you insane madness fans! I just wanted to take a minute and up date the page a little and let everyone know what is going on.  2014 came pretty quickly and with it came the drive inside me to make some absurd changes this year.  One of those is the work that is done on the madness page on Facebook as well as right here.  Yesterday I bought the domain for The Madness of Mommyhood so it is 100% legally mine now.  In the coming months we are transitioning the blog into more of a webpage that you all can get involved in.  My goal is for this page to become one of the best parenting support sites out there.  I have brought my co-admin Brian on board and the ideas he has is massive.  We are working on a podcast which will be aired on the page as well as right here.  Talks of a Youtube channel are in the air as well as many other wonderful, fun changes.  I have neglected my writing (which I hate anyway) but I feel that I have so much information stored up inside that I need to share it all with someone and who better the the madness gang?  So, right now the blog is under construction but will be back, active, and much better!!!!  Please follow us for any updates or emails!  I look so forward to 2014 and all the wonderful chaos of the madness of mommyhood!  Join us!


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