Motivational Monday

Well hello mad people!  It’s Monday AGAIN. I know that Monday gets a bad rap so how about we do something to brighten the day and make it more manageable?  We all struggle, right?  We all face heartache, loss, sadness, and obstacles in life.  There is just no way around it.  I think that if you can honestly say you have never had a bad day then you must either be living in a fantasy world or you are a liar.  I firmly believe that when we reach into the closet of our souls and pull out all those inner demons and confront them head on that we are immediately in that moment a stronger person.  I know, for myself, that I have faced many ups and downs in my life and on many occasions while “in the moment” felt as if I could not go on.  However, after I climbed the mountain and stood on the peak I saw the strength that had carried me up the incline.  I am a very strong woman and I am proud of that fact.  My tragedies have made me a warrior. So, with that being said I am sharing three stories with you all today in hopes that they will motivate you or lift your spirits in some way.  Someone out there is facing a battle right now at this very moment and needs to hear the words “you can make it”.  

Meet April!  Here is her story.



For 2 years I was bedridden. I was exhausted, lethargic, my arms , legs & feet weren’t working right, I couldn’t breathe properly. Because of my young age of 38, no one thought to check my heart, it was all blamed on my depression. I was diagnosed with depression, PTSD, & Anxiety disorder, 2 years ago after my son (who has autism & schizophrenia), tried to kill me & then himself. So naturally I went a little nutty. But, on Friday December 28th, I began to feel really bad. My heart beat was really slow & it felt like it was slamming & skipping at times. I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days. They checked me from head to toe, but my cardiologist was pretty sure of the cause. My SA node(the little battery on top of your heart that makes it beat), was capped out. So instead of a normal heart rate of 80-97 for a woman my size & age, my heart rate was averaging 28-32 beats per minute. So my body was only getting one third the oxygen it was supposed to & my limbs were literally starving to death. My cardiologist sat on my bed & told me my heart was giving out, that I had 36 hours before it stopped for good. OK then, doc, cut me open! I received my pacemaker at 5:30 p.m. January 1st 2014. My re-birthday! And Oh My Goodness the difference!!!!!!! I woke up the next morning & could take a full breath! I had energy! I felt alive again! So, I promised myself I would become the brightest, happiest, healthiest, bestest version of me possible. I have changed my diet, started exercising & have reconnected with the universe. Three weeks out of surgery, I’ve lost 12 pounds & I can do 30 crunches (I couldn’t do 1 before) & I am up to a mile a week walking. Once I get total release from my doc…LOOKOUT WORLD HERE I COME!!!!!! It’s a doozie of a story, but it has merit.

Meet Gina!  Here is her story!


I started Project Dear Autism Mama: Letter’s of Compassion, Hope and Joy in the fall of last year. Raising a child with special needs is a unique challenge that not everyone can understand. Learning that your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability (like autism, aspergers, sensory processing disorder, adhd, etc.) can be devastating and parents often feel alone and terrified. There is a grief period that many experience, when they realize that the child they thought they were going to have is different than reality. I started this project as a means to spread compassion and hope at a time when the world feels like it’s falling apart. In Project Dear Autism Mama, mothers write letters to fellow autism mothers (or anyone parenting a child w/ a developmental delay) offering support, encouragement, compassion and joy. This is a chance for mom’s to dispell myths that have been perpetuated by society (for example: I’m raising a Jr. Rainman). When we receive our children’s diagnosis, we’re often thinking that they will have no quality of life or experiences that are enriching… But that’s not true, and this is a great way to spread that message. Letters are posted to my facebook page and website. I want the website to serve as a comforting place for parents who are dealing with difficult challenges- a virtual hug in a sense. I also think that, as caregivers (and women), our stories are important and insightful and complex- they need to be documented and preserved. So I think of myself as a kind of curator of compassion. Life is damn hard. Every single day is hard. But there is a place where you can go to find hope in the unique way that you need it. My son, who has autism, was recently hospitalized in the psychiatric unit and so my facebook page took a brief turn to just posting updates on our situation. He’s home now though, so I’m back to focusing on the main point of the site. I also quit my big deal corporate job a few weeks ago so that I could focus completely on my son and growing this project. My hope is to get the word out to the farthest reaches so that people who need such a resource are able to find it. Anyhow, that’s just a tiny sliver of my story, but it might be a good fit for your page. If not, I totally get it and no weirdness or hard feelings. Cheers, Gina

Mama T would like to remain anonymous.  Here is her amazing story of survival!


I would like to submit a story for your inspiration day but I would like to remain anonymous. I am a 40 year old married mother of 2 (a gorgeous 11 year old girl and a 14 year old boy).  When I was 4 my mother left my alcoholic father who beat her their entire marriage.  We lived with my grandmother and aunts for several years until she met and married my step father who found great joy in beating me every chance he got. He would beat me before I went anywhere I guess just in case I did something wrong while I was gone?! They moved  my step brother in with us who proceeded to rape me repeatedly from the age of 8 until when I moved out at age 12. During that time an old man (like 70) who my mother let babysit me after school would molest me every single day!!  Once I left home I lived with friends, aunts, a long lost sister. I worked every single day doing something to make money to buy all my school supplies and clothes. At age 15 I started working at McDonalds and I worked there for 18 years.  I paid off 2 cars, bought all that I needed, paid rent and made my own way.  I got involved with a very uncaring man that liked to fight and thought that he could beat on me. He was wrong because I fought back!  Very shortly after I left him and I met the most AMAZING man in the entire world!!!! It was June the 27th 1998 and we were married on September the 5th 1998!  Everyone said it wouldn’t last because it was so quick,  that was 15 (nearly 16 years) and 2 kids ago!!  Now if that isn’t a survivor story I don’t know what is.  The thing is I don’t dwell on the past and I am  very thankful for my PRESENTS of today!!

Mama T.

These are three women, just like you and me!  They didn’t think they had what it took to overcome their obstacles but they found a way!  They summoned that inner strength that is in all of us!  Please, do not ever let the fact that you are having a bad day make you feel like you are having a bad life.  Make it your own!  Look for the good in every day because I promise you it will outweigh the bad. 

I am hoping that these stories made you smile and realize that YOU ARE AMAZING!

Love & Light,


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