Being a Mom



It isn’t just the good times that make being a mom the best thing in the world. No, it’s the tough times, the bad times, the sick times, the indecisive times, the not so sure times, the “I’m a bad mom” times, the OMG times, the “Did I really just do that” times. It’s a combination of the smiles and the frowns, the laughter and the tears, the “I love you’s” and the “I hate you’s”. The joys of being a mom comes from the tiny arms hugging your neck, the warmth of a tiny body climbing up in bed with you in the middle of the night, the wet kisses on your cheek, little fingers intertwining with yours as you are walking. It’s the ability to give life to another human being, the ability to instill knowledge, kindness, and love in your little one, and the ability to kiss away their hurt and nurse their illnesses. It’s having the opportunity to watch them grow and see the changes that over take them. It’s watching them get to experience all the joys of life such as their first day of school, their first boyfriend/girlfriend, their first dance, their first car, their first job, their last day of school, and their first day of college. It’s about seeing them leave the nest and create their own life, watching them take another person to love, giving life to their own child, and being a parent themselves. It’s about the end of life…..when you can look at the accomplishment of all you did for another human being. It’s having them sitting there by your side, holding your wrinkled hands, and wiping your brow as they tell you how much they love and appreciate you for being the best mom in the world. Yes, it is all these moments together that make being a mom the best feeling in the world.


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