Parenting Advice?


So, today on The Madness one of my admins posted a question. 
“What one piece of parenting advice would you give”?  Well, we all know sometimes other people’s advice is often unwarranted and unwanted.  Some advice is just someone’s rude opinion of how you are not parenting according to THEIR standards.  Bullshit. If I don’t ask for advice or you just do not like what I am doing then save yourself some oxygen and keep your perfect parenting skills to yourself.  However, I think as parents, there are times we need the advice or desire the advice from others who have been in our shoes.  I think there is a respectful way to offer that advice.  Support is something that parents really do not have enough of.  So, with that being said, after the question was posted these were some of the comments/advice given.  Thank you ladies so much for all the advice (some may be duplicated).

  • Don’t let anyone push you. You do what you think is right for your child(ren). They are yours and no one else’s.
  • Choose your battles! You can’t fight about every little thing. Its not the end of the world if they want to wear hot pink shorts green rain boots and a dark green turtle neck.
  • It’s only dirt.
  •  Accept that no one has any real idea what they’re doing and doing your best is all you can do.
  • Listen to your kids and always have their back. If they are in the wrong talk to them in private, don’t do it front of others.
  • Never say Never … Such as my “johnny would never ” .. IT will happen , BE prepared…
  • Let children be children, enjoy every stage.
  •  Go with your gut. At the docs, at school, IEP mtgs etc. Anytime I have had a gut feelin about anything concerning my kiddo and didn’t go with or let myself be talked in to something else I always wish I had gone with my instinct. Mothers instinct /intuition is a real and useful tool.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS trust your instincts. It could save your baby’s life. No joke.
  •  I love these! Good advice ladies! Now mine…..boys will be boys is not just an expression it’s reality.
  •  Childhood is short, enjoy them while they’re small. They grow up fast and out on their own before you know it.
  •  Enjoy them when they are young, it goes by way to fast.
  •  Stuff your pockets with Kleenex when going out – but don’t forget to check your pockets before you wash your clothes.
  •  Pick your battles!!
  • Teach your children respect.
  •  Sit your ass down and breathe.. just breathe.
  •  Each child is different, do your best.
  •  My answer to this question is always: Try really fucking hard. Because parenting is really fucking hard.
  • Teach your kids how to behave in public places. If you teach them how to respect their own home they will respect other places too.
  •  Kids are gonna cry, yell, misbehave, not eat right, and mess up. That is motherhood. Be patient.
  • Don’t listen to anyone. Go with your gut.
  •  Don’t get mad over messes. There will be SO MANY, it’s not even worth it.
  •  Breathe and take it one day at a time! Nobody is perfect so just do the best you can.
  •  Teach them kindness and respect for others hatred is not something you’re born with its something you’re taught.
  •  Have as much fun as you can squeeze in with you kids bc time flies by so fast!!
  •  Don’t sweat the small stuff( it’s only dirt) enjoy them while they are young. The cleaning can always wait…it’s not going anywhere. And listen to your gut!
  •  Never say never, or say “I will not do this with my child”. Comes back to kick you in the ass.
  •  Don’t lose yourself. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you aren’t just as important. If you don’t take care of yourself you cannot begin to teach your children to take care of themselves.
  •  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and its all small stuff because they will be the age they are today for one day…cherish it!
  •  Don’t spend so much time trying to make a good child that you forget you already have one.
  •  Slow down cause it goes by way to fast!
  •  Patience, we’re teaching our children how to do things that we have been learning our whole lives, some of which we still have yet to master.
  •  Enjoy this part, the next part comes way to fast!
  •  Listen!!
  •  Don’t compare your child to anyone else’s!
  • Sleep when you can!

  •  Routine I swear by it.
  • Don’t listen to what anyone says…follow your instincts in raising your kids. No one knows your child but you. What works for other people may not work for you!
  • Give them lots of attention and some one-on-one time.

  • We all have different struggles, so just take it one day at a time, and never miss an opportunity to tell your kids you love them.
  • They’re your children, only you know what is the right and wrong way to parent them.

  •  Don’t be afraid to stand up for what right for your children.
  •  Not to over think it and not to worry or stress over little things, life is gonna be a hell ride so just hang on!!!
  • Pick your battles.
  • Patience and calm. I wish someone would have told me that before the first but I have learned it along the way.
  •  There will be messes and it’s ok because years later when you think about them more then likely you will laugh.
  • Soak in all that you can now because it goes by faster than you could imagine. Take lots of pictures and videos. Don’t worry about a clean house, because a messy house equals happy kids. Take them outside and just watch them explore, it is the most beautiful thing to see. Don’t listen to other parents or non parents tell you how you should raise your child, they are yours and you should raise them how you see fit. Enjoy them while they’re young, one day they will thing they don’t need you. And love them unconditionally!
  •  No one’s perfect, cut yourself some slack. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Even if they look like they have it all together.
    Does that seem like a lot to take in?  Well there is more 🙂
    • No one’s perfect, cut yourself some slack. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Even if they look like they have it all together. We all have different struggles, so just take it one day at a time, and never miss an opportunity to tell your kids you love them.
    • Never get frustrated. Everything is a learning experience. And always give your children your time, everything else can wait, they can’t.
    • Turn off all the machines (computers, games, and FB) and talk to each other!
    •  Don’t take it all so seriously you forget to have fun.
    • And choose your battles !!! Somethings are not worth the stress kids will be kids !!
    •  It’ll get better I promise!
    •  Dont take suggestions the wrong way. Be open to them instead of thinking the person is trying to tell you what to do.
    • Don’t be so damn sensitive!
    •  Kiss your good furniture good bye & you can not get gum out of a toaster!
    • Have friends who support you!
    • Remember that you’re there to teach and to guide, it is not your job to live for them. Share your knowledge, your experiences, but allow them to gain and make their own.
    • Spend more time than money!!!!!
    • Do it your way!
    •  Letting kids grow can be hard, but that’s part of our job.

    • Log off your computer, log off your phone, turn off the TV and LISTEN to your child(ren)…YOU and your time are what your child wants and needs.
    • Breathe.its not the end of the world.enjoy em while they are little and wants to be all up on you BC one day they will be to “cool” to be seen with you!
    • Don’t take life too seriously! They’re only little once.
    What a list right?  Well, it is some pretty wise words from some amazing moms. We all do it differently.  As long as you are not putting your kids in harms way then you are doing it right. No one ever said it was easy and believe me, some days I want to run for the hills, pull every hair out strand by strand, and even pray for aliens to kidnap my body.  It’s a bumpy ride but it’s worth it.  Just remember it is okay to ask for support and advice….not every woman is out to prove you are a failure at being a mom.  So, the next time your in the Wal-Mart bathroom attempting to put one on the pot while you are changing the other while standing up and the lady in the next stall starts mouthing off some harsh words of advice; let her speak, think about whether her advice is helpful (if yes then store in your mommy polluted brain for later and if not ditch that shit in the toilet), and then calmly tell her to unroll some of that toilet paper she is wiping her ass with and shove it down her throat ever so kindly.  *winks*
    Enjoy the ride ladies!

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