Cyberbullying. Cowards behind the screens

I was asked by my sweet friend over at The Yellow Brick Road to take part in a little cyberbullying awareness by writing up a short bog on the topic.  So… we go!



Cyberbullying.  Yes, you have heard the word but have you truly thought about the realness of it? It happens and more often than you know.  What is cyberbullying?  Well for “educational” purposes the true definition is harassing or threatening someone by use of electronic technology.  My definition?  A coward who hides behind a screen and spews hatred at those he/she is jealous of or envies.  The really upsetting thing about cyberbullying is that it is not just restricted to children.   Nope, even adults are getting their feet wet in this new “fad”.  It seems people become bad asses when they are protected by “cyber space”.  How can cyberbullying affect a person you might ask?  Well, let’s look at the story of Charlotte Dawson. Charlotte, a former model, was hospitalized after an attempted suicide in 2012 when she received online abuse (cyberbullying) on Twitter, including from one very nasty troll who urged Dawson to kill herself.  Charlotte began to speak out against cyberbullying after her experience with it.  Charlotte was found dead in her home last week.

Parents do you want to hear something scary?  43% of kids have been bullied online while only 1 in 10 children will actually tell a parent or teacher!    This is our children people!  This is the generation that we are raising right now.  Where are these children learning to be so full of hatred?  They learn it at home for starters.  Your children are watching you and they are taking mental notes.  They mimic what they see so make sure they are seeing something worth watching.  Lead by example!  Don’t teach them to be ugly and vile toward others!  Teach them to be kind and respectful of other human beings.  WE all share this world whether we like it or not and the only way to make it better is to love each other.  Let the childhood games end on the playground!  Grow up and learn to act like responsible, productive adults.  What does one get out of harassing another person online?  Does it make you feel better about yourself to make up rumors about another woman whom you probably don’t even know?  Does it give you that giddy feeling to bash a person online because of their beliefs or their lifestyle?  Does that make you superior?  I think not.  I think it makes you look like ignorant, judgmental, and possibly even narcissistic.

Cyberbullying can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide.  Does that make you proud of yourself?  Life is way too short people.  Learn to enjoy life and let others enjoy it as well.  Don’t spend your days trying to hurt other people.  If you absolutely feel the need to bash someone then go look at the person in the mirror and tell them what a vile person they are.  Come on!  Grow some compassion!  Sprinkle some kindness!  Remember in life you will get back what you give… may be way down the road but you will. So, if I was you I would be making sure I was giving positivity instead of negativity, love instead of hatred, kindness instead of harshness.  Don’t ever forget you create your own karma.

Break the cycle! Stop the bullying!


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