Hot Mess, Beautiful Disaster……Just a tired Mom


I have been really down on myself lately.  I’m not talking just your average run of them mill “bad mommy day”.  No I’m talking “I look like the homeless lady I saw pushing her shopping cart under the bridge” kinda day life.  I know as moms we all have the days where we don’t feel pretty anymore and let’s not even attempt to think about being sexy.  Yoga pants have become my life, a pony tail has become my life, and my face has not seen make up in weeks months.  I have gained so much weight I can’t tell the difference in a roll of belly fat and my upper vagina area (okay so it is NOT that bad yet but I see it in the future).  I cook, clean, do laundry, chase toddlers, do school work, teach my 12 year old, tend to a crazy ass dog who is always getting me into trouble with the neighbors….and REPEAT.  I see my life like a record that has a scratch and keeps repeating the same note (yes, I’m going old school here).  I feel like I hit 40 and instead of putting on some boxing gloves and fighting the age war I just walked out into the middle of the ring and fell down for the count. I am my own worst enemy.  I am full of self-doubt and negativity.  So tonight I tell the hubs that I have to do something.  I have to make a change in myself…..ya know….bring sexy back!!!  I say “All I do is throw on the same yoga pants and pull this rats nest into a f’n bun on the top of my head”.   Instead of saying something like “it’s okay love because you are beautiful to me no matter what” he says…….”I KNOW”.    He simply agreed with me.  That hurt. 


So how does a work at home mom who is bombarded with all the chaos of everyday life make herself feel better?  How does she bring sexy back?  Hell if I know…..when you find out please share it with me!

I’m not giving up though.  I’m determined to get back that spunk, that sass!  I want to look 30 even though I feel 80.  I think society makes us feel the need to look a certain way and I don’t agree with that.  I don’t agree with the notion that a woman has to be a certain size and look a certain way to be beautiful.  I think as women we possess such an amazing greatness in just being a creator of life.  We are all beautiful in our own right and if we have confidence then that beauty will shine.  I’m not doing all of this because society tells me I have to.  No, I am doing this because I feel that I lost myself somewhere along the way. I think a woman should feel comfortable in her skin and I don’t so now I have to go on a little self-discovery journey.  I want you to go with me.  I’m not saying I’m going to give up everything in my life or move mountains.  That isn’t what it is about.  It is about “creating” myself.  Finding the inner peace that I need.  I feel right now the starting point is to make myself feel a little bit better about who I am.  I need my confidence back.  This next week we are starting with baby steps!!


More sleep!!

Putting on a little make up a few times a week even if I am just sitting at home!!

Getting a new do next Saturday!  My hair is going to rock!

Date night with hubby no matter how busy we are!

Positive words of encouragement to myself every single day!

Baby steps to a beautiful, improved me!

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have confidence.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t rock those yoga pants like the bad ass you are!  Being a woman is hard sometimes but it is a beautiful thing!

7 thoughts on “Hot Mess, Beautiful Disaster……Just a tired Mom

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! While I have only been a mom 2yr and 3 mos (and have 2 babies in that time) I feel the same way. I have gained so much wt and have fat places I didn’t (even after my first kid) know you could. Haven’t had sex but a handful of times in that 2 years (and I literally mean one handful). My hair has gone untouched, my feet unpedicured, no make up, and ratty clothes. I have begun to nag myself to death, obsessing over what I should look like. I HATE who I have become and it hurts. I’m so insecure now that I walk with my head down hardly looking at anyone. I’m even afraid to go out anymore bc I feel that I look so terrible. I thought I was the only one going through this. Bex, you have made my day. I now know that I am not alone in the universe. Thank you so much.

    • Stephanie,
      We are not alone by any means. There are so many moms out there who really have no spare time for themselves. I love my kiddos but I believe as women we have to love ourselves to be able to give all the love away that we do. Just take baby steps doll….we can do this.

      • Yes, we can. I did some squats today just to make my butt look better. Now is the best time. I’ve been putting it off till I read this blog. This is my first baby step. I have to work tonight and I think I will wear some make up (baby step #2). You have truly inspired me. You are so awesome (as I follow you on madness) and I thank you for that. Again, thank you for making my day♥

  2. And yes I agree with you. We have children they become our lives. A life where we put them ahead of us no matter (as we should). We do have to take care of us too. We deserve a hair cut and some color or that nice pair of we have been eyeballing… and why not?!? As long as our children don’t go with out, what would it hurt? Here’s to taking 30 min a day to improve me!

  3. I am so excited for you Stephanie! Totally want to see you take this journey!! I agree, 30 minutes a day! Exercise, a nice bath, a few chapters of a book….whatever it is to make us feel better. Look me up sometime! We could be “push me” buddies!!! 🙂

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