Just a Thought

Please be advised that this is post will have some GRAPHIC pictures.  If you are easily disturbed please do not read.


As many of you know these days when you log on to Facebook chances are you will see a lot of negative things.  It seems the bad has really started outweighing the good in the world.  Well, if you read this blog you will know that in the past week I’ve had some friends who have had to face many struggles such as battling cancer.  I even had one friend who went missing last Monday.  Thank goodness she was found yesterday, injured both emotionally and physically, but still alive.  Three men saw fit to take her against her will and cross state lines with her.  The plans they had for her were some that every woman prays that they will not never have to face.  Heather may heal from the cuts and bruises but the emotional wounds will never heal.  Now, you tell me, what is it in a brain that causes a person to have the desire to harm another person?

I just do not get it.  I guess I never will.  Men harming women has become a common thing.  It’s so common that most of the time we are not even surprised when we hear Mr. so and so has killed his wife.  What about when women hurt other women?  I think we still tend to drop our jaws in shock at how cruel some women can be.  We are the more gentle of the genders.  We are the nurturers and the care givers.  So why is it some women feel the need to be “bad ass bitches” in order to be superior over other females?  I get so tired of hearing women say “I’m a bitch and I’m proud of it”.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am as moody and mean as can be at times in my life but I’m not proud of those moments.  When I die I sure do not want to be remembered for being “bitch of the year”.  I mean, come on ladies, being a bitch is not something to be proud of.   Case in point:


This is one of my friends.  She is a marvelous woman.  She is giving, caring, loving, funny, and loyal.  She is a devoted wife and mom and she loves her friends.  She loves her friends so much that when they call her in the middle of the night to come and pick them up from a bar because they need to get home, she gets up out of bed and drives to the bar in pj’s to pick them up.


She loves them so much that when she gets to the bar and the friend calls her and tells her she needs her to come inside and get her because people won’t let her leave, she gets out of the car in her pj’s and rolls up in there not caring what anyone thinks.  She gets her friend and heads out with her only to meet three so called ladies in the parking lot who obviously had no upbringing or moral teachings as children.  


Her friend is jerked up by a grown ass man who gets his rocks off by hitting women.  While this man holds down the friend and slaps her around a little bit these three monsters attack my friend and beat her until she is nearly unconscious.  Now, let me remind you, my friend did nothing wrong but show up to help her friend out. 


Is this something you, as a woman, would be proud of?  Is this the way you would want your daughter acting toward another human being?  I have to stop and really ponder the idea that people like this really exist and they are raising their own children.  I then have to try to wrap my mind around the fact that this is the morals they are teaching their children.  Is this why we are seeing such a rise in bullying?  I hear “oh, teach your child to quit tattling and have them take up for themselves”.   Well, okay, let’s think about this.  Is every person on this earth born to be a fighter?  Hell no.  I wasn’t born to fight myself.  I think some kids and adults are gentle and don’t have a “fighting” bone in their body.  Yes, we do need to teach them to stand up for themselves.  It’s a necessity today but it is not always going to work.  What if your child is jumped by three people?  Do you think they have a shot in hell at standing up for themselves then?  I’m sure, like my friend, they may get a couple of punches in but it’s not going to stop the beating.  I’m sorry but I am super pissed at this whole incident.  The fact that three adult women could act in such an inhumane manner and risk the life of a good person.


This picture here tells it all.  This is my friend’s scalp with staples.  If you look close enough you can see the imprint of a heel under those staples.  That is because not only did these “ladies” beat her down, they decided to stomp her head with their high heel shoes while she was on the ground unable to defend herself.  This makes me sick.  Granted, not all women who call themselves bitches would take the “bad ass” to this level but I think you get my point. 

So, moms and dads if you are reading this, please keep this image in your thoughts.  Let’s try to raise our children to be respectful and kind instead of being bullies.  Our children grow up and they live their lives very similar to the way we live ours.  We are their role models.  We are here to guide them on a path that will lead to success and happiness.  I’m sure I will make mistakes along the way but I hope to goodness that my daughter is not outside a bar after a night of drinking jumping innocent people just to get her jollies off.  I have enough faith that I have raised all of my children to know the difference between right and wrong.  Have they made mistakes?  Sure they have.  Will they make more mistakes?  Sure they will.  Will they understand and respect humanity?  You better believe it.  If and when they do wrong they will know they did wrong and they will reprimanded in some form or fashion.  When you don’t discipline them and teach them they grow up thinking the world owes them.  They grow up thinking they can get away with murder.

So, ladies, next time you want to brag about being a bitch please remember you are calling yourself a dog. In this case a nasty, vile, rabid dog.  Try to remember that bitch is a derogatory term not a term of endearment.  It is not something to be proud of.  These women from the bar deserve the title of bitch and they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  They nearly took the life of a very dear friend, wife, and mother.  In my eyes, they should be facing attempted murder charges.  Just remember, kids grow up and they do mimic the actions of those who raised them.  Please teach them to do something to be proud of.  Ladies, let’s learn to love each other and support each other instead of being jealous and trying to rip each other apart.

Strong women lift each other up, weak women tear each other down! 

I love you my sweet friend and I am so thankful that you are okay!!


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