If You Don’t Like it…

So every single day we wake up there is always some kind of “news” that we hear that is going to grab our attention.  Some times it’s good news but sometimes, or for the majority of the time, it is sad, bad, or down right sickening.  With all the chaos going on in our nation and the signs of what could possibly end up being WWIII abounding everywhere guess what the BIG controversy of the day is?  The friggin Duggars.  Okay, let me explain and make it very clear if you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to read it.  I’m what you would say “on the fence” when in comes to the Duggars.  Yes, I admit I have watched them…a lot.  Some things I love about them and some things I despise.  That is just the great thing about America.  We still, at the moment, have the right to like and dislike what we choose.  We also have this little thing called The First Amendment or freedom of speech.  Even though we have this right, let’s not forget that with the freedom comes consequences.  It’s a down right shame that here in “the land of the free” we can’t open our mouths without fear of being condemned, harassed, judged, or ridiculed.  So, the big deal…10517532_553971734736480_7206251313618851014_n

Jessa recently got married and shared her first kiss with her new husband.  They decided to post a picture of them kissing and then Michelle and Jim Bob copied them and asked their fans to upload pics of themselves kissing their spouse.  A gay man uploads one of himself kissing his spouse and the picture is removed.  He gets offended and starts a petition to have the show removed from TLC.   That is the short story.  So, first off…this is MY opinion and you do NOT have to agree with me or even read what I am writing.  Remember that when I piss you off.  So, why would you as a gay man go to a page of a family who you KNOW does not believe in gay marriage and post a picture?  Isn’t that just a “in your face” type thing?  I think so.  The Duggars are Christians and on their show they proudly promote their beliefs.  They do not ever FORCE you to watch the show or even agree with them.  It was THEIR facebook page and they have every right to delete anything that they choose to delete especially if it offends them.  Why start a war, and don’t tell me you didn’t think you did anything “out of the way”.  If you want to post all the photos you have of you and your spouse kissing, making out, whatever…then go for it…on your own page.  I think we should all have the right to live as we choose as long as we are not harming another human being.  I also think we all have to remember that there does have to be limits and morals in our world.  Me, myself…well I believe we should be allowed to love whom we choose.  I support gay marriage and I make no bones about it but with that being said, I also support a ton of things that you may not like.  That does not mean I have to force feed it to you and MAKE you like it or agree with me.   There are Christians who do this with their beliefs and there are gays that do this with their beliefs.  Why don’t you just agree to disagree?  Why does someone always have to light the fire?  Like I said, I’ve watched the show and some things I agree with and some I just don’t.  That doesn’t make the Duggars right or wrong.  This family may have their faults but come on now….they have 19 kids who, so far, have all turned out to be well mannered, respectful, and diligent in their beliefs.  They aren’t in the news for being arrested for drugs or alcohol.  They do not live off of the government.  They are a rare breed who believe in good morals and being responsible.  How many marriages fail today??  What are the divorce rates?  Jim Bob and MIchelle have been married for how long?  The family is pretty functional if you ask me.  Sure, they make money from the show but before the show they also made smart decisions that helped them get to where they are today.  I just don’t get it…why even bother posting on their timeline if you are just doing it to start trouble?  Do we not have enough trouble in the world today?  You do NOT have to like them.  You do NOT have to tune into TLC and watch their show.  You do NOT have to support their ideas and beliefs. That is your choice.  You also make the choice to act in a way that is just going to add fuel to the fire.  I think the time has come when people learn to let others live how they choose and just ignore it unless it is hurting you in some fashion.  It is none of my business what my neighbor does in his own home, his car, his yard, his bedroom as long as it is not putting me at risk.  I don’t think people understand we are ALL fighting some type of battle.  Our freedoms are all at some point “in question”.  Gays can’t marry in certain states, Christians can’t pray in certain places….same old shit just a different day.  When are we going to wake up and realize we have to live our own lives and stop worrying about our neighbor.  The world don’t owe us a damn thing.  We are ALL in the same friggin boat just on a different journey.  Everyone hates everyone these days because of who we are.  The Atheist hates the Christian, the Black hates the White, the White hates the Latino, the Latino hate the Black, the liberals hate the conservatives, the Jews hate the Muslims…do you get my point?  We all blame each other for something and we never stop to look in the mirror and ask “What am I doing wrong?  What can I do to change the situation??”  Why must we always assume we are right and THEY are wrong?  Why can’t we get up and live OUR lives and not worry about who loves who?  Quit placing blame and quit pointing the finger because I will guarantee you while you are pointing your finger there is one pointed right back at you.  I really hate myself some days for even bringing a child into this vile, inhumane world.  Children are bullies, adults are bullies, people are at war with each other, the world is at war with itself…it’s all going to hell in a hand basket if you ask me (and you believe in hell).   I’m NOT taking up for the Duggars and I do not feel as if they should use their “position” to encourage hatred of gays.  I, in no way, support that. They are no better than  anyone else and they should not push their beliefs on anyone who doesn’t want to hear it.   I just don’t see all the sense in this uproar because they chose to take a picture down off of their own site.  People are just too quick to pull the trigger.  People WANT to fight and to raise hell and it makes no sense to me.  Just live and let live…that is how it should be.  Live by your OWN moral code not the code of someone else.  If all Christians would preach love and kindness instead of judgement and all gays would stop demanding people accept them, I think it would be a tad bit nicer in the world. IF someone doesn’t “accept” you for who you are or the life you live, then that is on them…not you!! Oh and I only say a tad bit because, honestly, we have bigger fish to fry.  If we could just redirect that energy and focus on other things like child abuse or hunger and disease, the world would be better place.  Who cares what Michelle Duggar thinks of me or you or anyone else for that matter?  She doesn’t sign your paycheck, you do not answer to her, and her opinion is just that…..AN OPINION.  All I can say is STOP THE HATRED.  Spread a little kindness every day…even if it kills you.  As my daddy always said “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

*Peace Out*

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