A Sibling’s Love


Because today you would have been 50 years old. That sounds completely impossible. My brother, not a day has went by since we said our goodbyes that I have not thought of you. I cannot even attempt to put into words the grief that I have carried in my heart. I miss you immensely and as hard as I have tried to replicate the love you had for me, it does not exist. You were my protector, my friend, my guide, and my brother. You taught me that even when life hands you an unchangeable, devastating hand; you just do not sit down and give up. You fought like a mighty warrior even on days when you felt like giving up. You lived your life in a way that still has people talking today. You loved with your entire being and you gave of yourself freely. I will never forget that smile, that laugh, or the silliness you shared with everyone you met. From chasing nurses down the hall with remote control trucks to visiting with the other sick patients on the sixth floor at St. Thomas, you left an impression. You knew you were fighting a battle that you would most likely lose but you never took the gloves off and you went all 12 rounds! You were a champion in my eyes. I hope as I sit here tonight that you and Daddy are swapping stories and enjoying being together again. He sure missed you just like the rest of us. Life was just not the same after you left us. So, anyway, Happy Birthday big brother! I love you more than you will ever know and I will never forget you or what you taught me.

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